At KLOTS Home Furnishing, we understand the importance of making your house feels like home. Create a personalized space that conveys a warm and welcoming ambience, while still infusing remarkable character through decorative elements that define your luxurious taste.

Find high quality products with functional yet unique designs that will reshape your living space and evoke an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Your beautiful life starts here.


Accentuate any room with our selection of statement pieces and modern embellishments that are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who walks in.


Enhance the mood of your living space with the lighting of your choice: from accent lamps, lampshades, up to hanging pendants and chandeliers, all are available for your perusal.


Instantly transform a functional space by implementing furnishings that are not only eye-catching and practical, but also made using materials of exceptional quality.

Looking to define your living space with versatile and functional furniture consisting of, among others, ergonomically designed chairs or innovative table extensions made of solid wood? Come check out K by KLOTS.

Jakarta, Indonesia, 23 September 2018

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