Jakarta, Indonesia, 23 September 2018

Maison 12

The Colours of Indonesia III

This year, 12 well-known Indonesian interior designers known as ID12, once again held the most anticipated and inspiring interior design exhibition, The Colours of Indonesia III entitled Maison 12. This exhibition showcases apartment residences divided into 4 themes that shows the richness and diversity of Indonesia's multiculture.

First, you will step into the Maison 12 Suite Apartment lounge area in The Marketing Gallery designed by Ary Juwono. Showing the eclectic tribal richness that represents "The Spirit of Sumba".

For one-bedroom apartment, bearing the theme "The Mystical Papua", the dynamic duo designers of ID12, Eko Priharseno and Reza Wahyudi show a touch of native Papua and creates a stunning room full of charm.

"The Voyage of Borneo" two-bedroom unit apartment shows the touch of Indonesia central archipelago ethnicity to the modern style interior designed by Roland Adam, Prasetio Budhi, Yuni Jie, and Sammy Hendramianto.

KLOTS Home Furnishing as home accessories sponsor and provider for this exhibition, accentuates designer’s beautiful room presentation. Sammy Hendramianto chose our lunaria vase that inspired by money plant forms found in nature. Also our new arrival leather tray from Italy that elegantly placed in bed. The photo frames with small pebbles texture beautifully hold the picture of Borneo's nature in it, perfectly captures the theme Sleepless in Borneo bedroom.

Yuni Jie with her renowned simple and elegant design, favored our neutral-nuanced accessories for an elegant touch in the Borneo Sanctuary master bedroom, using soft curved lip matte ceramic vases, large white jar, crackled glass lanterns, and also our exquisite bonsai sculpture.

While for the three bedroom unit, taking the theme of The Soul of Java, Agam Riadi, Anita Boentarman, Vivianne Faye, Joke Roos, and Shirley Gouw creates a timeless beautiful sophisticated residence with the modern classic style. Anita Boentarman at The Soul of Java living room creatively combine our jar, vases, and finial decanter to create a stunning look. Our new arrival glass bowl gave striking visual attention as a focal point on coffee table.